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Getting To The Root

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Roots are a common thing and can be found in everything that has life because everything has a beginning.

Our beginning is shaped by the type of roots that have been planted in us and that are growing around us. Roots can grow from something that was planted intentionally or unintentionally. Roots can get planted by an act, action, a look, an idea, a spoken and in some cases an unspoken word.

A good root is often viewed as a positive thing like a flower, a rose or something nice to look at, while bad roots are usually frowned upon as roots that need to be destroyed. A bad root is generally called a weed. A root whether good or bad can shape our lives and can be the source of self-doubt, self-awareness, self- rejection or self-confidence.

Roots can run deep while others are only on the surface. Deep roots are a result of how long you have been exposed to an issue or how long you have allowed the root connected to the issue to grow unattended. Deep roots must be pulled up all the way to be destroyed but understand this that if a small piece of the root is left the root will continue to grow and spread if left untreated.

Examining the type of roots that are living in you will help to bring awareness to why you think and behave the way that you do.

Have you ever noticed how little is required for a bad root (weed) to grow and to flourish, just leave it alone and watch how it grows out of control? It is wise to catch bad roots early before they become deeply rooted in you and shape your life and attitude in a negative way. I Will examine the type of roots that I am allowing to grow in and around me, I Will, Will You?

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