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Friendly Competition

Why is it that it appears that we always find ways to compete against one another?

Competing against each other is so common that everyone has been involved in it or has seen a case of a little friendly competition or competition that is not so friendly.

Competition exists in various arenas and on different platforms.

There is competition in sporting events, popularity contests, beauty pageants, purchases of biggest and most expensive houses, car racing, best dressed, career accomplishments

Competition is healthy when it is done in the correct way and for the right reason.

Winning a competition means that someone must lose, competition can get heated when people would rather win than lose.

Friendly competition can be fun and filled with laughter when it is done in fairness.

Competition is unhealthy when it is done to undermine someone or to show-off.

Maybe we should rethink how we view the things that we choose to compete against each other for.

Imagine a world where if we were in competition to be fair to one another, look out for each other, to show love and kindness towards each other. I Will, Will You?

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