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Enjoy What You Have

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Have you ever wanted something so bad, that you believed it would be all that you needed to be happy, but once you got it you were disappointed? Why is the idea of something often better than the actual thing?

There are times that we often look forward to the next thing instead enjoying what we have. In some cases, we will overlook and not appreciate our current situation, because we are so focused on that next thing. Lives are lived wanting more, wanting it to be different. We ought to take time to enjoy your current situation, value what you have, have better thoughts about how things are. Appreciate and be thankful for how you have been blessed.

We have thoughts that once we get that thing that we wanted and have waited for, that it will be the answer to all our dreams and will lead to true happiness. In most cases when you get that thing that you thought was the answer to everything disappointment sets in.

Once we get it, the idea is often a far cry from the reality of it, the newness and the excitement wear off after a few weeks of getting what we thought would be the answer to everything. It is good to dream, be ambitious and want more because it gives you drive, but don’t allow your drive to stop you from enjoying the presence. I Will, Will You?

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