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Ending The Cycle of Hurt

Is it a true statement, that it is easier for a person that have been hurt, to hurt other people? Recently I encountered a person that thought it was impressive to brag about the underhanded, conniving, hurtful things that they have done to other people. As they were talking, I could not help but wonder why? My thoughts were how can this person see their actions as a shining braggable moment. Their need to share this questionable behavior left me speechless.

I recall growing up that we were taught to be fair and honest in our dealings with each other. We operated with morals and would never want anyone to know that we have done something that lacked integrity. However, times have changed so much, that people now, have lost all sense of embarrassment and boldly engage in unscrupulous activities and are not ashamed to let everyone know what they are capable of. This person that I was speaking with, should deal with the hurt and pain that has caused them to not care how they treat others.

I believe that the cycle of pain of hurting each other will stop once we acknowledge the root that caused the hurt and deal with it. I Will, Will You?

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