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What is destruction? Is there a cost? Can the act of destruction be reversed? According to Webster’s Dictionary destruction is defined as the action or process of destroying something. Destruction carries a large cost, because the lost generally exceeds the cost of the entire thing. The word destruction implies that when something is destroyed, there is no way to reverse the destruction. Is that a true statement or did that something never experience destruction?

There are many things that are described as experiencing destruction. Things such as a city, town, state, or an entire region after a devastating weather event. In many weather situations the events are unavoidable, however warnings that are issued should be followed. We often hear this type of tragedy described by the news media as being total destruction, but the rebuilding process starts after the storms are over. So, this very example is clear that the thing considered to be labeled as destruction can be reversed. There are many other things that are labeled as experiencing destruction, things such as reputations, relationships, marriages, finances, careers, and property. The items labeled as experiencing destruction can and are many times reversed.

Before reputations, relationships, marriages, and careers reach the level of destruction, it can be stopped or avoided all together. However, this type of destruction generally happens by choice, it’s a decision that is made to choose the worlds way of thinking and neglecting and ignoring what the word of the Lord has to say about the issue. It is guaranteed that when you believe the world’s way over God’s words, destruction will be the end.

Situations and issues will arise and should be expected but how you view and handle them makes the difference. The world believes it’s okay to leave a family for a new family. This act alone leads to the destruction of a marriage. The world believes it’s acceptable to live a life that lacks integrity, the end will be destruction of one’s reputation, relationship, career, and marriage for this act. These types of destructive actions can also be reversed and forgiven. The scripture reads in Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before stumbling. Just like the weather forecasters issue warnings before a weather event that could lead to destruction, warnings are given for other events. The bible is filled with warnings and remedies before a life or situation ends in destruction. Warnings are given and the word of the Lord should be a reminder of what to do before heading down the path of destruction. I Will, Will You?

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