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How do we get back to being a community?

The groundwork to build strong communities already exist, but we must come together and start building them up. Strong and solid communities start on the inside, the best way to build a community is to build it from the inside out.

The things that we have in common helps to connect and bonds us together, however ideally communities should be diverse. In general, the assumption is that we are better connected with individuals that are like us, people that have the same values and want the same things out of life as we do. If we only build communities that lack diversity, we all will continue to be separated from one another. Diversity in our communities should not be what tears us apart and separates us. Communities that are diverse could have the opportunity to thrive because they have opinions that vary. Communities are a place where everyone’s voice should be heard.

Always keep in mind and remember that the same expectations of how you would like to be treated, is the same way that other people would like to be treated. One thing that has not changed is that people always remember how you make them feel when you interact with them.

So, reach across the aisle, connect and start building a community for all. I Will, Will You?

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