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The word clogged implies that there is some form of blockage stopping the flow or passage of something. There are many things that can become clogged. Plumbing, sewer lines and people can become clogged. When plumbing and sewer lines become clogged, the water is unable to flow freely. The clog is not visible at first, but when more is added, the clog becomes more compact and may eventually cause a break. When something is clogged it’s impossible to move forward. When there is a clog, the clog prevents more from being added to it, because the clog will cause the new input to become stuck. Once stuck, attempting to force more in will cause things to flow backwards. When the flow is backwards, the contents will spill out or will cause a break. When it flows backward or breaks, it doesn’t happen automatically it happens overtime. When a break happens, the clog was already in place. The break happens, once more pressure is added, the clog then pushes against what’s stuck and causes a break to the weakest section in the connection.

Clogs have the same effect on people as they do plumbing, and sewer lines. The effects are similar when improper things are placed in the system, which creates an interruption in the flow of things.

Plumbing lines become clogged when wasteful matter is disposed improperly and becomes stuck and begins to back up in the line. Sewer lines can also become clogged when items and objects are put in the sewer lines that are unable to pass through.

People can become clogged with bitterness, resentment, and past hurts. When people become clogged, a break can occur and the feelings of bitterness, resentment and past hurts can pour out. These feelings can pour out on to an underserving person. When a clog develops in an individual, the individual will be too full to receive anything positive because they have never put in the work to unclog the issues that are trapped inside. The clog can be dissolved by refusing to let offensive talk and negative actions directed to an individual by outsiders, inside to create a clog. When plumbing, sewer lines, and people are unclogged, things have the ability to flow through them with ease. The lines may require a technician that specializes in removing clogs. People can also benefit from specialized instruction to remove clogs, by trusting in the God of their salvation.

In the bible, scripture speaks of the flow that will come out of one’s heart when an individual believes in Christ. It reads in John 7:38 “Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’” When individuals believe in Christ there will be less chance of them becoming clogged with the input from outsiders. The individual’s heart will flow with thoughts and reminders with what Christ has said about those that believe in him and not get clogged with unimportant matters. I Will, Will You?

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