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Better Humans

Are we being fair with the image that we have of each other? The image that we have of ourselves may cause us to think negatively of what we think of each other. It is a possibility that if we don’t see the value of another human being that it may become easy for one person to take or attempt to take the life of another human being. It seems that it is becoming a common occurrence that when you turn to any news station you may notice that each day, there are more and more crimes of murder being reported.

Just recently on a Wednesday evening while it was still light outside a teenager was shot and killed in broad daylight. The killing that happened, seemed to be a senseless act of violence. This type of violence appears to be being carried out by our young adults and has gotten out of control. The community has expressed outrage and sadness by this violence.

With the hopes of getting some clarity on this issue, the question was posed to one teenager of why someone would feel comfortable committing a crime of that nature. The response that the teenager provided was not shocking, it made sense. The teenager responded that the lives of others are not valued because no one taught them to appreciate and value themselves, so it would be impossible to see the value in someone else. No one has poured into them how important they are and that they are worthy. Without being taught that they and others are valuable, how would they know to see value and worth in others. The teen went on to say that senseless acts of violence is all that they know and is what they have seen growing up. The response that this teenager gave, may not be the reason for every crime that takes place, but it will fit some of the senseless acts of violence that is being committed.

It is time for us to put in the work to become better humans, we must work to get better with how we treat each other, if we don’t get better with our view of how we view each other, we will not get better, things will get worse. Let’s get to work on making the changes needed to be a better human. I Will, Will You?

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