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Be The Glue

Have you noticed that when something of value gets broken, the first thing that a person will do is to see if they are able to glue it back together? Glue works wonders and it is used for many purposes. The main purpose of glue is to bond items and materials together. Just like we care for our fragile vases, figurines, and wood pieces when they get cracked or broken by attempting to glue them back together, we should have the same care for each other.

We have all gone through things that we have found challenging. The things that we have gone through have left us a little cracked or broken. Those things can be hard to cope with alone. When you see someone that is hurting or wounded by a life event you should want to be the glue to help them put the pieces back together. We will become stronger and will help others to be stronger as we stand in support of each other, almost like glue

  • Be the glue that holds each other together by:

  • Being there for each other.

  • Showing love for each other.

  • Lending an ear to just listen.

  • Being an encourager.

  • Forgiving each other.

Be the glue that holds each other together, I Will, Will You?

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