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Be The First

What do you want to be the first at? I recall several years ago, while having a conversation with a friend that I inquired about why something wasn’t done. In our conversation she very sweetly, but firmly, posed a question to me. Her question to me was why wait for someone else to do something that you are fully capable of doing yourself?

Her question to me help changed how I viewed things that needed some attention.

I have noticed that because of insecurities or for some other personal reason, we are often afraid to be the one to make the first move. I find that I am like most people that I prefer to wait and not be the first. It seems odd that most people like to wait for someone else to do something first before they are willing to take that kind of risk at being first. . However, I have found a few things that should be very easy to be the first at.

  • Be the first to smile

  • Share a laugh

  • Offer a hug

  • Be a friend

  • Say hello

  • Be thankful

  • Say thank you

  • Apologize for a mistake

  • Express that you need someone

  • Ask how someone's day is going

  • Value a friendship

  • Let someone know that you appreciate them. I Will, Will You?

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