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Be Intentional

Has someone ever done something to you that was hurtful? Did their actions cause you to become angry? Before you lash out at them and give them a piece of your mind, try this simple trick. This simple trick will only take about one second of your time.

Instead of speaking immediately, reacting, or forming an opinion, take a few seconds to consider if the actions of the person was to intentionally hurt, use or abuse you? This trick will probably prevent more feelings from getting hurt and may save a relationship.

In life we all have had situations to happen to us that we are not pleased with, and our first reaction is to fire back about what was hurtful to us. When you are about to get angry and let the other person have it, stop and ask yourself was their action a premeditated, calculated, planned attack against you?

If you stop and think before getting angry or forming an opinion you may realize that their hurtful act was not intentional. Remember before you speak to consider the intentions of a person, be kind and explain with love how it made you feel. Let them know that you are sure that it was not their intention to offend you. I Will, Will You?

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