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Bad Wrap

Wrap means to cover or enclose something or someone. There are many things that can be wrapped. In the restaurant industry some establishments wrap sandwiches and other food items. Individuals may wrap themselves in a blanket, shawl, or a scarf. Automobiles are occasionally wrapped with a banner for advertisement purposes. Gifts and presents are wrapped to create excitement about what’s under the wrapping paper. The reputation of an individual can also be wrapped, with information that is positive or negative.

Some places of business wrap sandwiches to help keep the contents fresh and from spilling out. If the contents were to spill out, the appearance of the sandwich may not look appealing and may become less desirable to eat. The wrapper on the sandwich may have a label to indicate the type of sandwich that’s inside of the wrap. Once the sandwich is eaten the wrap is disposed, because its purpose has been accomplished.

Individuals often use blankets, shawls, or a scarf to cover themselves as a method of staying warm or to make a fashion statement. When the object is used as a method to stay warm, once the desired temperature is reached, the blanket, shawl or scarf is removed and put to the side. Car wraps are intended to catch the attention of consumers with the hopes of getting new customers. Car wraps are designed to bring awareness to a business or product that is being advertised. A car that has a bad wrap may not bring positive feedback or get new customers. However, the bad wrap can be removed without causing damage to the car and reapplied for a more appealing image. Gifts and presents are wrapped to create an element of surprise and excitement. Gifts and presents are generally much wanted or needed items to fill a need for the receiver. In some cases a lot of work goes into picking the type of wrapping paper and placing the paper very carefully on the gift. Once the receiver gets the gift, they waste no time tearing the paper off to get to the gift. The receiver of the gift is not concerned if the gift that they are getting has been wrapped bad. The wrapping paper has performed the purpose that it was intended to do, cover the gift, and keep it hidden until the big reveal.

The things previously mentioned before are harmless and can be removed once the need for the wrap is no longer needed. However, when the reputation of an individual is given a bad wrap removing the bad wrap from their reputation might not be as easy as discarding a wrap that is used on a sandwich, car, gift, when an individual uses a blanket, shawl, or a scarf. A bad wrap on an individual’s reputation attacking their integrity might be impossible to discard once applied. The bad wrap on an individual’s reputation could be from an attack that a once close ally has started, shared, and spread by others. The bad wrap may not have any truth to it, but a campaign has been started against them by someone they may have once considered to be a friend. This can be done out of pure jealousy or just plain dislike, with the intention of wanting others to feel the same way that they do. Listening to undermining and distasteful comments about an individual without having firsthand knowledge is giving them a bad wrap, that attacks that individual’s reputation with unsubstantiated comments. This type of wrap on an individual’s reputation is done out of malice, to create discourse between others, this is a bad wrap that is not easily undone.

The bible teaches about bad wraps and what may happen to those that create bad wraps against individuals, it reads in Psalm 71:13 Let them be confounded and consumed that are adversaries to my soul; let them be covered with reproach and dishonour that seek my hurt. Bad wraps cause hurt and pain to the individual the wraps cover. The bad wrap is not easily removed and could have negative impact on the one that decided it was a good idea to start the campaign to hurt and cause embarrassment for another individual. So, before you listen to and believe a bad wrap regarding a person, think twice, and gather the evidence for yourself, if you are truly interested in what’s being said. I Will, Will You?

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