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Are gifts required to show someone that you appreciate them, or should words be enough? I believe that most people have connected appreciation with getting something for free. Even the word appreciation sounds like a gift should follow.

  • I have worked for organizations that have Employee Appreciation Day for the entire week and gifts were handed out.

  • Retailers have sent me notices regarding customer appreciation days, which offers a discount.

  • I have attended Churches that have had pastor appreciation day, and the congregation gave the pastor a gift. These acts of giving are reasons why people have come to think that appreciation equals gifts.

It is important that we let others know that we appreciate them, but a gift should not be required. A simple I appreciate you and thank you should be enough.

It is critical that we find time to appreciate even the smallest of gestures, but why wait for one special day to show a person that we appreciate them? Appreciation is something that we should show towards each other every day. I Will, Will You?

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