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All Boxed Up

Have you noticed that over the past few years that there are an increased number of new storage facilities popping up? If the facilities are not new, the builder will convert an existing building into a place for storage. I live in a town that is following this trend. So, I am wondering, why are there so many storage facilities?

There are times that I have noticed that there is new construction going up in the area and I halfway get excited wondering what it is going to be. My excitement quickly fades once I realize that it is another storage unit. My question is why people are keeping so much stuff. I can understand short term storage but having things in storage for years is something that I just do not understand.

It makes me wonder are people waiting to enjoy life. Are their lives stuffed in boxes and they are all boxed up and going nowhere? Are people holding on to memories? Memories of a life that they once lived that are now stacked to the roof in storage units.

As humans our lives are meant for enjoyment. We should not have the attitude of waiting for everything to be perfect. The way that you view life is what makes everything perfect. Stop waiting for things to change, for everything to appear perfect, you are wasting valuable days, days that you should be enjoying. Unbox the life that you have put on hold, start enjoying things as they are. I Will, Will You?

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