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Acceptance of others is something that is hard for some people to do. However, it is something that is necessary. Acceptance is where some Christians and followers of Christ miss the mark, they miss their assignment by being dismissive towards people that do not fit in their idea of how they should be living their life.

The world accepts unbelievers as they are, whereas some Christians will beat them over the head with their words demanding that they change right now, or they are going to hell. The world accepts people that are different from them without criticizing and looking down on them, so, over time the unbeliever begins to follow the habits of the people in the world or the ones that accepts them.

It’s not the role nor is it expected that the Christians will support the sins of the unbeliever. The Christians should support the unbeliever until they understand what is expected of them. It's not your job to try and change the world with your words, that job belongs to Christ and his words. Stop being so judgmental and love people for who they are and why they are in your life. I Will, Will You?

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