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A Spider's Web

Alison Hawkes writes in “Learn How to Recognize a Spider by Its Web,” that in constructing a web, a spider has created an ideal trap. Delicate and transparent, a web can seem ethereal; spiders often have to repair or rebuild from scratch every day.

Spiders’ constructs webs to trap its prey. Instead of creating a trap we create a community that comes together for the betterment of all. Each day the spider will work on its web by building a new one or repairing it daily. The spider puts in the work each day, it does not take a day off.

I wonder how much better off our society would be if we were like spiders and put in the work each day to form webs of connections in our communities. How much better off would we be if we joined together to meet the needs of each other, by offering support, encouragement, and resources. After putting in the work to make changes for the better, we would be recognized in our communities by the work that we have done in meeting the needs of one another.

Work like a spider, form a web in your community to help make it better, let us join together, be recognized as a partner in building a better community of people for social awareness. I Will, Will You?

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