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A Massive Ship And Tiny Tugboats

Are we like ships passing in a canal? What should be our reaction if one of us gets stuck or is diverted from our planned route? On March 22, 2021 while watching NBC nightly news it was reported that a cargo ship owned by Evergreen was stuck sideways in the Suez Canal. Although I found it an odd occurrence, initially I thought that ship will be moved before the day is over. So, for the first few days I thought little about the ship. After all what could a ship stuck in a canal in Egypt have to do with me? From my view from the Television set, moving the ship should be an easy task, the ship just needed to be turned so that it could continue its way down the canal to its destination.

As the days passed and I listened to more news reports about the ship, I began to understand the seriousness of the ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal. The ship was blocking the passageway and preventing other cargo ships from traveling through the canal. I am a little ashamed to admit that I was not really concerned about the ship until I realized the impact the blocked ship could or would have on me and in my life. My level of concern began to grow when the news outlets reported the blockage was having an impact on our ability to get household supplies. How it was affecting the ability of other ships that travel through the canal. Some ships were trying to deliver goods to grocery stores, and without the deliveries, a potential shortage could exist. Once I realized that the ships in the canal could have a direct impact on my life, I started to pay more attention to the news reports and care.

So yes, this got my attention, and I began to wonder if we are of the same mind set when it comes to people. We do not see or understand the impact that their issues, and the way they have been are being mistreated could have on our lives, we do not care until it shows up at our front door. We look past or overlook others because we do not see and understand that we are all connected in some form or fashion. It does not benefit us to overlook each other or to not care because we believe that their suffering has nothing to do with us. I am happy to report that with a lot of digging and the help of several tiny tugboats, it took six days for the massive ship to be dislodged from the canal. I believe that it is important to embrace each other, care what happens to each other and in each other’s lives. We are not alone on this journey what happens to one of us has the potential to affect all of us maybe not right way, but at some point, I believe that it will.

It is time that we stop passing people by like ships in a busy canal, be a tiny little tugboat in the lives of others to help them when there is a need. When you can make a positive impact in the life of someone you should. I Will, Will you?

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