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What’s in a look and who determines what a look means? A look is made of many factors and could mean many different things to the looker and to the person that the look is directed at. Some looks are to offer support, encouragement, approval, disapproval, rejection, to determine a person’s success, happiness, or could be a look of love. Some looks are used to judge others based on how they look. A look only offers an outside view of a person and may not give the looker a true image of what’s going on internally.

Is it possible to determine a person’s ability based on how they look? Have you ever heard a person say that an individual looks like they don’t know what they are doing? Is that a fair assumption to make just based on how a person looks? Judging by looks could cause limitations or unmet expectations to be placed on an individual. Is it possible that we can have a greater appreciation for one another if we stop believing that a person is known based on a look or valuing a person’s worthiness based on how they look.

It appears that we now live in a society where for some people looks are everything. The invention of the television was a game changer in how people are viewed. We are now a society of people that are moved by looks and by what is seen. Before the more frequent use of television, the only option was to listen to the radio. Radio broadcast did not offer images of what the person that was speaking looked like, the listener could only form an opinion of what the radio personality was talking about without a live image of what they looked like. Without an image the listener probably paid more attention to the topic and discussion at hand.

Scripture reads in proverbs 20:27 The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly.” The Lord looks on the inwards parts of a person and we should too. Looking at the outward appearance of an individual does not provide a true image of who they are. What’s shown outwardly is only a glimpse of the complete person. It would be useful if we were to stop summing up individuals based on a look. It’s time to get past the look and start having conversations to get to know a person based on their true self. I Will, Will You?

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